Thursday, 5 January 2017

water color AGAIN!!

I don't have to say it, do I? Watercolor techniques are right up there in my favorites. I don't seem to get my fill. Most of the cards on this post are simple and unadorned simply because I don't know what occasion they will be used for. Also, I always feel that water color doesn't need a lot of embellishing. I won't tell you which card I was embarrassed to post because only now did I notice that something has come unstuck on it...and it's been given away already and so I can't even give you a new picture of it! I did decide to post it, however, because it IS my favorite...the rest that IS stuck on properly! Ha!


Jane said...

The waterlily is my favorite of this bunch... but that took a bit of studying... I like how the colors bleed. What do you use for the splatter.

Grace said...

Thankyou Jane!
I still use the stamps from Gorgeous Grunge for most of my splatter effects. I love those dots; they're placed perfectly and you only need to turn the stamp to offset it and no one knows it was stamped and not splashed on! I love shortcuts not to mention it's a clean way of splattering.