Friday, 24 April 2015

The Challenge Spark (Pop-up card)

Tara challenged Jane and me to do the absolute IMPOSSIBLE!!! She chose a pop-up card for our challenge spark this week. When I heard what she eyes got bigger and bigger and I yelled, "OH NO!!!" in my mind! (In case you're wondering just how animated I really am, well, not that much, anyway!) And so I googled it and this tutorial helped me tremendously with my pop-up box card.

Here it is! Hard to believe this summery bouquet full of butterflies and even a bird is a CARD!!! But yes, my friends, it is! And it was so much work I figured my dear MIL deserved it, since she's a marvelous lady and we love her! (Hi Mom!!)

I used DSP in coordinating design to make an envelope with SU's wonderful envelope punch board. (Tara and Jane, did you see that I actually used DSP TWICE for this card??? Did you SEE???!!!)

Now, my MIL is a smart lady, but I figured I'd pop a belly-band on my card to explain the why's and wherefore's of how to unfold this rather awkward looking package. Because if I got it in the mail, I just might say, "Hmmm, now WHAT is THIS and HOW do I unfold it?" And I'm smart,

 That's it for today folks. It's ready to pop in the mail as soon as I address it to my husband's dear mom!


Tara said...

Yay!! You made a card-in-a-box! I'm so impressed :) And I was actually thinking of making one again but ran out of time/ambition. Ugh. They're fun but a lot of work, no? Anyway, I love your card and you did wonderfully!

White Orchid said...

Your card is beautiful! The best card of it's kind that I have viewed yet! Great work on your paper!!