Thursday, 30 July 2015

his big 4-0

Don't tell him, but my brother just turned 40 and this is his card! Ya I know I'm late, but at least he's still getting something from us! About this card, it probably takes very little to guess he's an avid fisherman and lover of nature. Quiet lakes and slow meaningful fishing!!! 

And guess what I discovered??? SU sells the most delightful tool to personalize your cards beyond your wildest imagination! The Alphabet Rotary Stamp. It's an oldfashioned stamp that takes you back in time! You can scribe WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES on your cards.


Tara said...

I love your card... and isn't that stamp cool? I just got it in my last order so haven't had much of a chance to use it but I think it's gonna come in handy! The only thing is that it's kinda hard to get the letters changed... :/

Grace said...

I cheat with that li'l ol' machine! Gently, gently so as not to stretch the rubber strips, use your fingertips and just grip the letter strip thing and turn it that way. I do NOT use the wheels. FAR too tedious!! Besides you're always turning the wrong wheel...unless your fingers are the size of a baby's!!!

Sheri Wiebe said...

That stamper looks like fun!