Monday, 3 August 2015

by the tide/from land to sea

I probably should explain all the recent cards and that square stamp I've been using for a background. I used a few different turquoise and green reinkers and dropped some ink on my clear block. Then I wrapped it with a baby wipe and used it for a background stamp! Lovely, eh? So since I didn't want to waste any of that precious color, I just went ahead and stamped a few backgrounds with it. THAT'S why you're seeing a lotta blue blocky backgrounds!

About these two stamp sets, By The Tide and From Land to Sea, I've been eying them for a great long while already and decided I MUST finally get them. They go so well with my favorite oceany beachy colors and I dunno---I just love them, I guess! 

Can you spy where I used my rotary alphabet AGAIN???!!!!

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White Orchid said...

Love the 'I'm proud of you' card! I'm jealous of the stamp set... I want that one for myself