Tuesday, 4 August 2015

tender sympathy

Recently we received a sympathy card with feathers on it, and similar gentle wording to this. I re-created it in my own version, little knowing I'd probably use it all too soon. My sis lost her young Mother-in-law this morning. So soon it is, after Dad's passing. We just can't control these things, can we? But we can love and sympathize and BE THERE!

This card is the same, using smaller feathers from the guinea fowl. The top card uses guinea and pheasant feathers. Below is what I scribed with my alphabet rotary stamp. What DID I do before that stamp was created??!!

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BJR said...

These are beautiful cards, Grace. I love the sentiments.Tenderly...Gently... Softly. That is how the spirit comes to us and comforts, is it not??Is that not how the Spirit comes to us and comforts...gently...softly...tenderly.

I have a pretty large feather bouquet. Feathers my grandchildren have found here and there for me. It's a lovely bouquet...set in an old ink pot, on my art table. I think of them each time I see it.

Wishing you the best...and the gentle, tender comfort only the Spirit of God can truly bring. Love as always,