Friday, 8 May 2015

Challenge Spark (retired product)


She who prides herself in being on time ALWAYS or even running dreadfully behind!! I'll let my new baby chicks and ducklings tell you a huge SORRY for me! Truly I'm having a lotta fun with the babies, and my crafting table is a lot smaller due to an incubator (my Prize White Hen!) who should shortly deliver us a batch of quail and a big big batch of novelty chicks.

But Jane has a challenge for us that I MUST find the time to do between fluffy chicks and their needs! And believe it or not, I JUST decided what to do with which retiring product just as I typed in that line there! Ha! Tara will also have a fabulous card to show us I'm certain, so just hop on over and see what marvelous things these two girls have on their sites. I've often been amazed how differently our three minds interpret a challenge, each coming up with a wonderful idea. But lately it seems ESPECIALLY that way! I look at Jane's or Tara's example for Challenge Spark and say to myself, "WOW! That's gorgeous! I'm gonna use that idea myself!" So ya, click on their names above and you will behold beautiful sites!

Ok, I must run, but I will be back. I've got something brewing for today's Challenge Spark and hopefully I can get it uploaded onto here in a day or two! Next week Tara's asking for the ombre technique and I also have a delicious idea stewing for that one!

Till then...happy cardmaking! AND HAPPY SPRING!!! (Does it do for you what it does for me?? Put a SPRING into your step and a smile on your face and a song in your heart?!)

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