Friday, 12 June 2015

Challenge Spark (wings)

Recently our family camped out for three nights and it amazed me how many birds and butterflies (bugs too, yes!) there were around our campsite. So I decided this week we would celebrate "wings"! Wings of any sort. Tara from Country Girl Creates and Jane from White Orchid are also a part of this Challenge Spark. Go on over to their wonderful blogs to see what marvelous flying creature they've come up with this week!

This is the card I made for "wings". My mind instantly flew to my beloved Butterfly Basics and then I also remembered a card I'd seen long ago on Pinterest that I was SURE I'd pinned, but do you think I can find it now??? If someone knows which one I mean, by all means let me know so I can give the artist credit! There are several different styles of cards designed similarly to this on Pinterest, but only one that is really close to this, that I've seen. Anyway, the artist who created the original card used this same Swallowtail background stamp and folded and cut her card similar to the one I did here. In fact I think her colors were blues as well. However, I'm certain it was a single layer card but I just couldn't resist adding the die-cut butterflies in vellum to add a  little ethereal quality to it.


White Orchid said...

Love Love Love it! I want to make a copycat!

Tara said...

What a stunning card... I love it!!