Sunday, 7 June 2015

fly loving memory

I must explain a few things. 

My dad just passed away and we laid him to rest on the 2nd of June, last Tuesday.

I have this "thing" with butterflies and while the last hymns were being sung at Dad's graveside a big huge yellow butterfly fluttered out of nowhere, breezed over the spray of roses and merrily went on its way. Ok, so I'm not one for quickly saying these things are so significant, but I wistfully thought to myself, "Fly away, Dad, fly away..."

So the cards I'm sending out as Family Thank-you's are butterfly themed. It so well suits my suggested challenge for this week: WINGS. I've thought a lot about wings these days: angel wings, butterfly wings, wings of prayer, wings of song.....yes, fly away....

Here are several of the cards I made:

I realize the picture quality is poor, but I was too tired to redo them! Sorry...!!


rheajayne said...

My favourites are the top two n it might have to do with the colour:) :)

White Orchid said...

Those cards are beautiful. I believe there are no just chance happenings. I believe God sent that butterfly for you.

Jennifer said...

those are beautiful!