Wednesday, 8 July 2015

sketches by grace #1

If others can do it, I can, too! I don't know how to make sketches "professionally", but I got on good ol' Publisher and played around there for a bit and came up with this. Also recently I've been unwell again so I have a lot of time to rest in my recliner with my sketch book handy. I've got a few designs I want to post in the coming weeks.

I plan to make a card to go along with this sketch. I'd really love it if you made a card using my sketch!! If you make one like it, let me know and we'll try and get it onto here, too! (I don't know how yet, but email me by clicking here a pic of your card and I'll upload it for you!) You also are welcome to come up with sketches you would like to see here.

You can use any colors you want for this card, change up the squares and shapes as you like, as long as we can still see the original idea in your design! Also use any product you like! 

I will be posting my card sometime shortly I hope!

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