Monday, 9 November 2015

my first shaker card (Christmas)

WOOHOO!! I even impressed myself with this one! LOL! I've been so intimidated by the shaker card instruction tutorials I've seen everywhere that I kept saying, "Nope! Not for me! Can't use my favorite embossing and sponging techniques, plus far too finicky! And too childish, yada yada!" Well, those were all excuses! Here's my first one and lo and behold, I could emboss AND sponge on it AND it's not childish AT ALL! 
Try it! I don't have a tute here but you can just do an online search and you'll find instructions all over the place. Or. Do like I did and just strike out on your own and trial-and-error it! I'm gonna make more yet...wait and see! BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DIFFICULT!

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