Wednesday, 6 January 2016

the perfect blend

Sometimes I don't make sense even to myself! Do you know what I mean? Like WWWAAAAYYY back I got this Perfect Blend stamp set cuz I could NOT be without it. I've made probably five (???) cards total with it. Gulp! BIG gulp! (Of coffee!) So I challenged myself to make at least three more cards with it before I start another project. These are the ones I came up with. Take your pick! My fave is the top one with the middle card coming in second.

I suppose lidded to-go cups don't steam, but this card (above) needed something so I grabbed some ancient pencil crayons and sketched in some heart-y steam. Or steamy hearts. Whatever! And below is a pretty close cousin to the top card, only this one is red. Now place your vote!

I'm serious! I want a comment from SOMEONE!!!!


Sheri Wiebe said...

I love the middle card....with the cups tied together...just needs a verse something like "life without you would be worse than life without coffee!" for a spouse anniversary card :-)

Tara said...

I can't really pick a favourite - I don't care for coffee but I love your cards! Kinda leaning toward the bottom one with the red cups... They really all are lovely though!