Sunday, 8 February 2015

more nature scenes (Moon Lake)

Similar to my previous tutorial post (the one right before this post) this is that same Canada Goose from Moon Lake. A slightly different scene as you will notice if you follow my previous instructions. No two are ever EVER the same just as no two lakes or geese are exactly the same! In this one, it needs more cattails since those look kinda plunked into water way too deep for them and usually, speaking from experience, if you have one cattail, you have several hundred! LOL! Also the left hand tree is too small for the foreground. So my tutorial lake turned out better. Practice makes perfect!

The boys say this looks like it could be a scene from The Hardy Boys. Kinda' mysterious and a little scary. Aaawww, I'd thought it was ROMANTICALLY mysterious!

I'm still loving Beautiful Butterfly's fern! Can you tell?!

And this dear brave sparrow (or WHAT is this bird anyway?) sits high amidst cliffs that are sponged onto masked off areas.

If anyone wants a step by step tutorial on any of these, let me know and I'll see what I can do! I had a lot of fun with them!


Jerra lynn said...

WOW. You are a genius! Love em all!

Tara said...

Ha. I agree with your boys - that scene looks a little scary to me too! But lovely anyway!

Grace said...

Jerra, thanks! You should come join me! I'd like to see what you'd come up with!

Tara, NO! It's ROMANTIC!!!

White Orchid said...

You are so good with your scenes! It makes me want to try again!