Thursday, 12 March 2015

4-year-old talent (watercolor)

Few things inspire as much as teaching. Teaching any age. Teaching art. And though I'm not actively involved in an official teaching capacity at this time I do love impromptu art classes around my kitchen table where the light is just right.

A couple days ago I had the privilege of having several children of various ages join me in my watercolor experiments. It makes me so happy to watch what ink does when it touches a wet watercolor paper. Amazing! And the children watched while they munched chocolate chip cookies dunked in milk. But very soon they got out their own brushes and water glasses and chunks of torn paper. Just as I'd been hoping!

This card features the four-year-old's talent. He was so meticulous about it, trying to just touch the tip of his brush into the ink. He did so well, I was thrilled!!!

I sought his counsel with the finishing touches as well. He wanted the blackbird and rhinestones. (Imagine a four-year-old knowing what a rhinestone is! LOL!) He also chose the twine and the word "happy". I found "moments" among my stash and thought it was the perfect word to depict my art session with a buncha children!

Truly happy moments! Try it sometime soon! It's pure magic, the watercolor and the children!


Tara said...

That's a lovely card. That four-year-old is talented... maybe because the teacher was good?! :)

Grace said...

Truly, watercolor almost paints itself! I just love it. Rates right up there among my favorites.

White Orchid said...

That's truly pretty. I've been thinking a waatercolor class would be fun to have. So many options. so easy.