Thursday, 12 March 2015

another background from a child!

That same day I was telling you about, when the group of kids gathered around my kitchen table, this background came from the 12-year-old's brushes and ink! He did well, don't you think?! I just love how the same palette creates completely different effects. It so totally depends on different artists as well as different brushes, amount of water used or even how loaded with ink the brush is. No two are ever EVER the same.

Again, I just added a few simple cutouts and some twine to complete the card. It didn't need anything more to cover the beautiful background.

I will clarify here. The paper we were using for this particular afternoon's projects, was on the cheaper side. It was only gauged at 119lb while I prefer SU's 140lb water color paper for an even better outcome. (If such is possible!) This paper needed using and what better way than for a bunch of youngsters to experiment and learn with?

More to come...

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