Friday, 6 March 2015

The Challenge Spark (found art/item)

This week Jane from White Orchid challenged Tara from Country Girl {Creates} and me to FIND something and add it to our creation! So I found some burlap off my Basmati Rice bag! You know? I have such a hard time just trashing those bags since they are so lovely, but finally, how many burlap bags does one need to collect? Anyway, so I cut a strip and frayed the edges and center and made a "Miss You So Much" card.

MMMM, scrum! Those "Hello You" thinlits! and how wonderfully they pair up with the "Crazy about You" stamp set. Seems this is a break-through in my own creativity. Don't you just LOVE using different fonts together?!

And don't you just LOVE finding a practical use for Basmati Rice bags?!


Tara said...

Nice! And I like the way you used those flowers... I like mine but never quite know where to put them. They just aren't quite "me" I guess...

White Orchid said...

Nice rice bag! I like your color combos!