Thursday, 8 January 2015

Meet "The Challenge Spark"! Week 1...Bokeh Technique (revised)

Along with a co-Stampin' Up Demonstrator and good friend, Jane Reimer, over on The White Orchid we have begun a weekly Challenge Spark.
We called it the "Spark" because it's from the teeniest sparks that the best inspirations burst! And while we each come up with our own idea sparks quite often, it's nice to have someone else spark that challenge and help us pull out inspirations we maybe didn't know we had stored inside us!

For this first week, Jane challenges us to do the Bokeh technique in any way we like. I hadn't even heard of Bokeh (where have I been??!!) but upon doing a Pinterest search...well, WOW!! There's lots out there!

The card above is my entry for this week. Sorry about the lighting...I had difficulty getting a clear pic on this one. (Advice welcome!) I love the simplicity of this technique. Yet how stunning the results! Come on, crack out the ink pads and daubers with us! We'd love to see what you come up with! It's easy! Punch out several different sizes of circles in a scrap paper and then use those empty circles as masks and sponge circles wherever you want them on your card face. Overlap them, stagger them, use different colors or all one color. It's gonna be gorgeous, whatever you do! I advise you to ink the circles heavier on one side. Looks more 3-d then. (And now that it's finished, it almost seems more in keeping with a masking technique...more on the Bokah coming!)

Next week, my challenge is to  create a "Vintage Emboss Resist" card. Keep watching for those beauties!

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White Orchid said...

I will really need to try adding ink directly to the paper with sponge daubers. I am really liking the way you laid it all out with the size & shape of your card!

Tara said...

Love it! I had to try this technique myself :)