Friday, 2 January 2015

the great dogs roastin'

 We can always dream can't we?! Actually here in the north we don't wait for summer to have campfires and hot dogs. Once in awhile we get us a crackling fire going OUT IN THE SNOW and have us a good ol' fashioned wiener-roast. I mean Hey! When you have 6 months of winter out of 12, you simply learn to live---and love---the season called Winter.

This card was stamped from Stampin' Up's "The Great Outdoors" set and then embossed in gold. Simple. And I added no embellishments since I run into extra postage issues when I do that and I'm hoping to mail this card.

The envelope...Post Card, Choose Happiness, The Great Outdoors stamp sets. Don't you love those naughty li'l ants creeping across the bottom?

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